Set SS-23 Monastery of Daphni, Greece, c. 11th century [12]

1 Monastery of Daphni, entrance wall, gate
2 Daphni, main entrance and S facade
3 Daphni, cloister courtyard arcade
4 Daphni, looking through arcade at courtyard
5 Daphni, W porch and entrance
6 Daphni, W porch view to cloister arcade
7 Daphni, exterior wall and arcade from church
8 Daphni, E facade
9 Daphni, E facade & dome detail
10 Daphni, E facade, detail of masonry
11 Daphni, interior, Baptism of Christ pendentive
12 Daphni, interior, Pantocrator dome mosaic

Set SS-24 Hosios Loukas, Greece, c. 1020 [20]

1 Hosios Loukas, overview, setting
2 Hosios Loukas, overview
3 Gateway with mosaic of St. Luke
4 View to refectory with dome of Katholikon
5 Katholikon facade
6 Katholikon, side detail of masonry, windows, buttress
7 Katholikon, facade detail doorway and above
8 Katholikon, facade painting, death of St. Luke Stiris
9 Katholikon, narthex with mosaics
10 Katholikon, nave, view to Pantocrator dome mosaic and Virgin and Child
11 Katholikon, nave, view to Pantocrator dome mosaic and Baptism of Christ
12 Katholikon, nave, view to iconostasis and altar area, Christ and Virgin icons by Damaskinos
13 Theotokos, interior vaulting and dome
14 Theotokos, templon iconostasis
15 Theotokos, templon iconostasis
16 St. Luke Mosaic
17 View to Katholikon through arcade
18 View to Katholikon dome through arcade
19 View over Theotokos to surrounding countryside
20 View of Theotokos dome exterior

Set SS-51 Mosaics, Palatine Chapel of Roger II, 1132-1143, Palermo, Sicily [2]

1 Palatine Chapel Mosaics, Pantocrator dome and pendentive figures
2 Palatine Chapel Mosaics, Pantocrator dome detail

Set SS-65 Obelisk Base of Theodosius, Istanbul, c. 390 [5]

1 Overview of Obelisk and Base
2 Detail, Side of Base, Theodosius and court watch chariot races in hippodrome
3 Detail, Side of Base, Theodosius and imperial court, supplicants below
4 Detail, Side of Base, Theodosius and imperial court attends horse races
5 Detail, Side of Base, Foreign rulers’ retinue pays tribute to Theodosius

Set SS-322 Blue Mosque, 17th c., Istanbul, Turkey [6]

1 Blue Mosque exterior through entrance archway
2 Blue Mosque Exterior facade with pointed arched gateway
3 Blue Mosque detail of domes from exterior
4 Blue Mosque view through courtyard arcade, doorways, and cupolas
5 Blue Mosque Interior curtain wall, windows of dome, glass, stained glass, chandelier [dark background with electric lights]
6 Blue Mosque detail of dome with red, gold and blue designs and script


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