© BRIAN DAVIS: Garden STRUCTURES in Europe and Russia

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Set SS-220 Garden Structures in Europe, and Russia [21]

1 The Folly, Diddlington, late 19th c.
2 The Moon Pond and Temple of Piety, Studley Royal, Yorkshire, 1720s
3 The Sham Castle, Studley Royal, Yorkshire, 1720s
4 Park Gate and Lodge, Leeswood, Flintshire, early 19th c.
5 Garden Pavilion, Parnham House, Dorset, 17th c.? imitation
6 The Rustic Cottage, Stourhead, Wiltshire, 1760s
7 The Temple of Apollo, Stourhead, Wiltshire, by Flintcroft, 1765
8 The Triumphal Arch, Holkham, Norfolk, by Kent, 1730s
9 The Great Pagoda, Kew Gardens, by Chambers, 1761
10 The Temple of Aeolus, Kew Gardens, by Chambers, 1760 and Burton, 1845
11 The Nymphaeum, Villa Barbaro, Italy, by Palladio, 1556
12 Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati, Italy, 16th c.
13 Fountain, Villa Aldobrandini, Frascati, Italy, 16th c.
14 Avenue in the Gardens of Villa Malcontenta, Italy, 1560
15 TempIe, Palmse Estate, Estonia, 1785
16 Lentvaris, Lithuania late 19th c.
17 Cathedral. Kaunas, Lithuania, 18th c. ?
18 The Loggia, Mogosoaia, Romania, 1688, restored early 20th c.
19 The Chinese Tea-House, Potsdam, by Buering, 1775
20 The Upper Corridor, Gostini Dvor, St. Petersburg, 1761-85
21 The Mihailov Palace, St. Petersburg, by Rossi, 1820



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