Set SS-25 Hellenistic Priene, Turkey [24]

1 Overview, street, NE side of town, distant view of Acropolis
2 Stepped street, NE of Pyrtaneum, terrace blocks to right
3 Paved street, N-S into commercial district, E side of site
4 Sacred Stoa, colonnade with view N toward Acropolis
5 Pyrtaneum, 2nd c. BCE
6 Bouleterion, 2nd c. BCE, W entrance steps, seats, altar
7 Bouleterion, 2nd c. BCE, interior view with seats, altar
8 Bouleterion, 2nd c. BCE, interior view, detail, S, niche area
9 Stepped Street, N-S into Agora
10 Temple of Athena Polias, 4th c. BCE, fallen column drums and distant view of Temple
11 Temple of Athena Polias, fallen blocks S of temple, peripteral columns
12 Temple of Athena Polias, view of stylobate and cella area
13 Temple of Athena Polias, W end
14 Temple of Athena Polias, N colonnade, Acropolis behind
15 Temple of Athena Polias, cella from E
16 Temple of Athena Polias, Ionic columns, detail
17 Theater, 4th c. BCE
18 Theater, side view cavea, aisle, orchestra, Skene
19 Theater, overview down cavea aisle
20 Theater, orchestra, Skene
21 Theater, orchestra, first row of seats
22 Theater, dignitary's seat, first row of seats
23 Theater, parados gateway
24 Theater, parados and sectional side view of Skene

Set SS-26 Miletus: Theater & No. Agora Overviews, Turkey [12]

1 Theater, 2nd c. CE, view from W
2 Theater, vaulted entrance gate, parados wall
3 Theater, side view, cavea, orchestra, skene
4 Theater, closer view, cavea, orchestra, skene
5 Theater, cavea and orchestra
6 Theater, view down cavea aisle to orchestra
7 Theater, vaulted passage
8 Theater, vaulted passage
9 Eros Hunting, relief from stage building
10 North Agora overview: Ionic Stoa, Nymphaeum to right, Sacred Way
11 North Agora overview: Agora, Ionic Stoa, Mentesne Baths behind
12 North Agora overview: Sacred Way, Nymphaeum 2nd c. AD

Set SS-27 Didyma: Temple of Apollo, Hellenistic-Roman, Turkey [20]

1 Temple of Apollo, Didyma, overview, NE
2 E end, steps and columns of pronaos
3 Facade and NE corner
4 NE corner, two standing columns
5 Sylobate, exterior wall of adyton, N
6 Sculpted column base, E pronaos
7 Pronaos, oracular door from E
8 Doorway, vaulted passage to adyton from pronaos
9 Doorway, vaulted passage from adyton to pronaos
10 Doorway, vaulted passage from adyton to pronaos
11 Naiskos, adyton interior view to E
12 View from adyton to oracular threshold steps and vaulted passage
13 Oracular threshold steps from W
14 Steps and columns to oracular hall
15 Oracular threshold, doorway frame
16 Adyton walls, view W to naiskos
17 Detail, interior adyton wall
18 Gorgon head, frieze fragment, 2nd c. CE
19 Gorgon head, frieze fragment, 2nd c. CE
20 Pilaster capital, entablature of adyton, griffins in relief.

Set SS-28 Pergamon: Acropolis and Asklepeion, Hellenistic, Turkey [20]

1 Citadel from Sacred Way
2 Citadel from Sacred Way, closer view
3 Theater, Cavea looking toward Acropolis
4 Theater from Acropolis
5 Temple of Dionysus, long view, Acropolis walls, 2nd c. BCE-2nd c. CE
6 Temple of Dionysus from theater
7 Temple of Trajan, fallen column drums in foreground, 2nd c. CE
8 Temple of Trajan, peripteral colonnade, SW
9 Temple of Trajan, NE corner, and E colonnade of precinct
10 Temple of Trajan, detail, pediment molding
11 Temple of Trajan, precinct behind temple and E end of temple
12 Temple of Trajan, NW corner, view across cella to S
13 Heroon and upper Agora ruins
14 Great Altar Site
15 Asklepeion, carved column in propylon courtyard, patera and 2 snakes
16 Asklepeion, general view
17 Asklepeion, cryptoporticus, holy passageway
18 Asklepeion, north colonnaded gallery
19 Asklepeion, Roman Theater, detail, cavea
20 Asklepeion, Roman Theater, detail, cavea steps and seats style wall painted to emulate marble

Set SS-29 Aphrodisias, Turkey [20]

1 Overview, Site with colonnaded street and Temple of Aphrodite
2 Temple of Aphrodite, W end, 1st c. BCE
3 Portico of Tiberius, SW end
4 Portico of Tiberius, E end
5 Tetrapylon, mid 2nd c. CE, SW
6 Tetrapylon, detail W Attic pediment frieze
7 Tetrapylon, NE
8 Tetrapylon, detail E Attic
9 Stadium, 1st-2nd c. CE, overview, SE to W
10 Stadium, detail, seating, NE corner
11 Stadium, 1st-2nd c. CE, overview from E to W
12 Odeum, 2nd c. CE, overview, E to W
13 Odeum, cavea and orchestra
14 Odeum, cavea, orchestra, skene
15 Theater, 2nd half 1st c. CE, overview from SE to NW
16 Theater, overview, N to S, Theater Baths to left
17 Theater, cavea, orchestra, skene, Tetrasoon behind
18 Theater, overview S to N
19 Theater, detail, S to N
20 Theater, detail, skene

Set SS-30 Ephesus, Turkey [20]

1 Arcadian Way/Harbor Street, E-W
2 Colonnaded Street, E to W artery (commercial Agora is S)
3 Theater, Hellenistic-mid 1st c. CE, partial view cavea and orchestra
4 Arched Colonnade, detail, off Marble Way into Commercial Agora
5 Gladiator relief details, Marble Way
6 Library of Celsus, CE 114-117, facade
7 Library, central section, facade
8 Library of Celsus, upper level
9 Library, detail, upper window, pedimented aedicula and carvings
10 Library of Celsus, statue of Sophia
11 Latrine
12 Mosaic paving, abstract design, off Curetes Street
13 Temple of Hadrian, c. CE 117-138
14 Fountain of Trajan, c. CE 102-104
15 Street of the Curetes
16 Memnius Monument, 1st c. CE
17 Nike Relief, Temple of Domitian
18 Odeum, 1st c. CE, entrance from Street of the Curetes
19 Odeum, orchestra and cavea
20 Temple of Artemis, single standing column and fallen column drum, 4th c. BCE

Set SS-74 Sardis: Temple of Artemis, 3rd -2nd c. BCE [14]

1 Temple of Artemis, Overview to E, Acropolis behind
2 Temple of Artemis, Overview to W, left front-Byzantine church "M"
3 Temple of Artemis, Cella Foundation, detail
4 Temple of Artemis, Fragmented Columns of peripteral colonnade
5 Temple of Artemis, 2 Ionic Columns and cella wall looking E, Acropolis behind
6 Temple of Artemis, 2 Ionic Columns, closer view looking E, Acropolis behind
7 Temple of Artemis, Upper Part of 2 Ionic Columns
8 Temple of Artemis, Looking into Columns of Peripteral Colonnade
9 Temple of Artemis, Fragmented Column and base, closer view
10 Temple of Artemis, 2 Column Bases, detail of molding
11 Temple of Artemis, Column Base, closer detail of molding
12 Temple of Artemis, 2 Ionic Reconstructed Column Capitals
13 Temple of Artemis, Architrave, Egg and Dart Molding ­ detail
14 Temple of Artemis, Ionic Column Capital, on ground with figure for scale

Set SS-75 Sardis: Bath/Gymnasium and Synagogue, Roman Era [10]

1 Sardis: Overview, Wall of Synagogue, courtyard, Acropolis behind
2 Sardis: Overview, Synagogue, E end, pedimented shrines, 3rd c.­ 4th c. CE
3 Sardis: Synagogue, Wall with inlaid marble geometric mosaic slabs
4 Sardis: Synagogue, Wall with inlaid marble geometric mosaic slabs, detail
5 Sardis: Synagogue, Entrance courtyard with mosaic floor, arcade and columns, side view
6 Sardis: Synagogue, Doorway to W shrine with view toward apse
7 Sardis: Bath/Gymnasium Complex, Façade, 3/4 view, AD 211/212
8 Sardis: Bath/Gymnasium Complex, marble court, side view
9 Sardis: Bath/Gymnasium Complex, marble court, side view
10 Sardis: Bath/Gymnasium Complex, detail of architrave, colonnade, Corinthian capitals with heads, arched pediment behind

Set SS-312 Theaters and Bouletaria of the Greek East [16]

1 Ephesus, Theater, Hell-Roman, Overview toward skene, figure in orchestra for scale
2 Ephesus, Theater, Hell-Roman, Orchestra and cavea through foundations of Skene

3 Bodrum/ Halicarnassus, 4th c. BC, Theater, from cavea looking to orchestra and skene
4 Miletus, Theater, 4th c- Roman, Cavea, section of seats and aisles
5 Pergamon, Theater, 3rd c.- Roman, Seats sited on sheer slope, side view
6 Pergamon, Theater, 3rd c.- Roman, Seats, detail with Temple to Dionysus behind
7 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, Colonnade with Theater behind

8 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, aisle, seats and animal head sculpture
9 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, detail of cavea with seats of honor
10 Priene, Hellenistic, Overview from top of cavea toward orchestra and skene
11 Priene, Hellenistic, Skene from cavea
12 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, side view
13 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, seats and altar
14 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, seats, altar and S niche
15 Samos, Theater, unexcavated remains, overview
16 Cyprus, Kourion, Theater, part of cavea and orchestra with sea behind, orchestra, side view


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