Set SS-07 Paestum/ Poseidonia, Italy, 6th-4th c. BCE [25]

1 Walls with gate
2 Walls with tower
3 Basilica and Hera II from Via Sacra
4 Basilica 3/4 view, 6th c.
5 Basilica W façade
6 Basilica interior with central cella colonnade
7 Basilica central cella colonnade detail
8 Basilica view through columns
9 Basilica detail of columns
10 Temple of Hera II from Via Sacra, 5th c.
11 Temple of Hera II 3/4 view from SW
12 Temple of Hera II from W
13 Temple of Hera II E façade
14 Temple of Hera II SE long side
15 Temple of Hera II view through colonnade into cella
16 Temple of Hera II cella double row of columns
17 Temple of Hera II interior
18 Temple of Hera II pediment detail
19 Temple of Athena / Ceres, 5th c.
20 Hellenistic House
21 Forum Area
22 Tomb of the Diver, banquet
23 Tomb of the Diver, banquet
24 Tomb of the Diver, diver
25 Lucanian Painted Tomb Marker, winged female

Set SS-58 Greek Temples of Greece, Italy, and Sicily [20]

1 Temple of Apollo, Corinth, 700-660, rebuilt 540 BCE, whole with Acro Corinth behind, Greece
2 Temple of Apollo, Corinth, detail, colonnade
3 Temple of Hera II, NW corner and Hera I to S, Paestum, 5th c. BCE, Italy
4 Temple of Hera II, Paestum, 3/4 view from SE, 5th c. BCE, Italy
5 Temple of Hera I "Basilica," 3/4 view from SW, 6th c. BCE, Italy
6 Temple of Hera I "Basilica," E facade, 6th c. BCE, Italy
7 Temple of Hera I "Basilica," N long side, 6th c. BCE, Italy
8 Temple of Athena rebuilt into Duomo, 5th c. BCE, N colonnade, Ortygia, Syracuse, Sicily
9 Temple of Athena rebuilt into Duomo, N colonnade, Ortygia, Syracuse, Sicily
10 Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, mid 6th c. BCE, Syracuse, Sicily
11 Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, Syracuse, Sicily
12 Unfinished Temple, Segesta, Sicily, NW corner
13 Unfinished Temple, Segesta, Sicily, 3/4 view from NE
14 Unfinished Temple, Segesta, E façade
15 Temple of Concordia, mid 5th c. BCE, 3/4 NW, Agrigento, Sicily
16 Temple of Concordia, W facade, Agrigento, Sicily
17 Temple of Hera Lacinia, c.460 BCE, 3/4 NW, Agrigento, Sicily
18 Temple of Hera Lacinia, E facade, Agrigento, Sicily
19 Temple of Herakles, c.500 BCE, colonnade, Agrigento, Sicily
20 Temple "C", mid 6th c. BCE, S colonnade, Selinus, Sicily


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