Set SS-50 Unfinished Temple, 5th c. BCE; Greek Theater, 3rd c. BCE, Segesta, Sicily [16]

1 Temple, Segesta, eastern overview from above, near Theater precinct
2 Temple, 3/4 view from SE
3 Temple, SE corner
4 Temple, cella area from E
5 Temple, S colonnade with detail of bosses
6 Temple, SW corner
7 Temple, 3/4 view from SW
8 Temple, W facade from SW
9 Temple, W facade and view into cella area
10 Temple, interior of colonnades and cella area from W to E
11 Temple, 3/4 view from NW
12 Temple, W pediment and architrave detail
13 Temple, N colonnade, stylobate
14 Theater, Segesta, 3rd c. BCE, overview to E
15 Theater, overview to N to seats, orchestra, skene
16 Theater, overview to W

Set SS-52 Greek Colony at Selinus (Selinunte), Sicily [16]

1 Temple G, Selinus, mid 6th c. BCE, far view from W
2 E exterior circuit wall, detail
3 W Gateway, interior view
4 E interior wall detail with view to Temple G
5 N fortifications, wall and gateway
6 N-S axis and gateway
7 N-S main street
8 W circuit with view S to Temple C
9 Foundations, Temple B with SE view of Temple C
10 Temple C from NE, mid 6th c. BCE
11 Temple C from NW
12 Temple C from W
13 Temple C from W, colonnade
14 Temple C from S with fallen columns
15 Temple C from 5th c. Temples A & B
16 Temple D fragmentary stylobate and column drums, 6th c. BCE

Set SS-53 Valley of the Temples; Concord, Hera & Herakles, Agrigento, Sicily [25]

1 Temple of Concord, mid 5th c. BCE, 3/4 view from NE
2 Temple of Concord, E façade and cella
3 Temple of Concord, E facade
4 Temple of Concord, detail, E facade and cella
5 Temple of Concord, 3/4 view from SE
6 Temple of Concord, NW corner
7 Temple of Concord, E end and N side
8 Temple of Concord, 3/4 view from NW
9 Temple of Concord, E facade and view into cella
10 Temple of Concord, W facade
11 Temple of Concord, detail W pediment and architrave
12 Temple of Hera Lacinia, c. 460 BCE, 3/4 view from NW
13 Temple of Hera Lacinia, closer NW view
14 Temple of Hera Lacinia, NW corner
15 Temple of Hera Lacinia, whole from S
16 Temple of Hera Lacinia, E facade

17 Temple of Hera Lacinia, N colonnade from E
18 Temple of Hera Lacinia, 3/4 view from NE
19 Temple of Hera Lacinia, N
20 Temple of Hera Lacinia, detail N colonnade frieze and columns
21 Temple of Herakles, c. 500 BCE, E end
22 Temple of Herakles, S colonnade from cella floor at E end
23 Temple of Herakles, S Colonnade
24 Temple of Herakles, detail S columns
25 Temple of Herakles, W end with interior view of S colonnade

 Set SS-54 Agrigento ii. Sicily [10]

1 Temple of Olympian Zeus, c. 480-409 BCE, stylobate from SE with copy of Telamone
2 Temple of Olympian Zeus, Telamone
3 Temple of Olympian Zeus, blocks with cuttings for pulling and setting
4 Temple of Castor & Pollux, late 5th c. BCE, NW corner
5 Circular Votive Altar to Demeter, 5th c. BCE, with Temple of Castor and Pollux to SE
6 Sacrificial Altar to Demeter adjacent to circular altar, 5th c. BCE
7 Ecclesiasterion, 4th c. BCE
8 Temple of Demeter and Kore, c. 480 BCE, built into S. Biagio, from SE
9 Temple of Demeter and Kore, with circular altar
10 Temple of Demeter and Kore and circular altar

Set SS-55 Greek Theaters, Sicily [20]

1 Eraclea Minoa, 4th c. BCE Theater, whole from NW
2 Eraclea Minoa, Theater, whole, closer view from NW
3 Eraclea Minoa, Theater, cavea detail
4 Palazzolo Acreide, Hellenistic Theater, cavea
5 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, cavea toward orchestra
6 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, detail cavea
7 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, orchestra and skene
8 Palazzolo Acreide, Hellenistic Bouleterion adjacent to Theater
9 Palazzolo Acreide, Bouleterion
10 Syracuse, 3rd c. BCE Theater, overview of whole from W

11 Syracuse, Theater, overview from W, orchestra, skene, entrance vault, closer view
12 Syracuse, Theater, overview from top of cavea [N]
13 Syracuse, Theater, overview of orchestra and skene from W
14 Syracuse, Theater, detail of cavea
15 Syracuse, Theater, view from orchestra to cavea
16 Taormina, 3rd c. BCE Theater rebuilt, Romans 2nd c. CE, overview, whole from top of cavea [N]
17 Taormina, Theater, detail skene and entrance vault
18 Taormina, skene to E
19 Taormina, orchestra and pit
20 Taormina, detail cavea to skene

Set SS-56 Greek Syracuse, Sicily [10]

1 Altar of Hieron II, 3rd c. BC
2 Nymphaeum of Hieron II, 3rd c. BC
3 Nymphaeum of Hieron II
4 Grotticelli Necropolis, Greek tombs
5 Sanctuary of Demeter and Kore
6 Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, mid 6th c. BCE, W end
7 Temple of Apollo, Ortygia, S End
8 Temple of Athena, Ortygia, 5th c. BCE, built into Duomo
9 Temple of Athena, built into Duomo
10 Temple of Athena, built into Duomo detail column


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