Set SS-55 Greek Theaters, Sicily [20]

1 Eraclea Minoa, 4th c. BCE Theater, whole from NW
2 Eraclea Minoa, Theater, whole, closer view from NW
3 Eraclea Minoa, Theater, cavea detail
4 Palazzolo Acreide, Hellenistic Theater, cavea
5 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, cavea toward orchestra
6 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, detail cavea
7 Palazzolo Acreide, Theater, orchestra and skene
8 Palazzolo Acreide, Hellenistic Bouleterion adjacent to Theater
9 Palazzolo Acreide, Bouleterion
10 Syracuse, 3rd c. BCE, Theater, overview whole from W
11 Syracuse, Theater, overview from W, orchestra, skene, entrance vault, closer view
12 Syracuse, Theater, overview from top of cavea [N]
13 Syracuse, Theater, overview orchestra and skene from W
14 Syracuse, Theater, detail of cavea
15 Syracuse, Theater, view from orchestra to cavea
16 Taormina, 3rd c. BCE Theater, rebuilt Romans 2nd c. CE, overview, whole from top of cavea (N)
17 Taormina, Theater, detail skene and entrance vault
18 Taormina, Theater, skene to E
19 Taormina, Theater, orchestra and pit
20 Taormina, Theater, detail cavea toward skene

Set SS-306 Theater of Dionysus, Athens, 4th c. BCE [10]

1 South slope of Acropolis looking down to theater
2 Overview of cavea, orchestra, skene
3 Side view of orchestra, cavea, skene with two people for scale
4 Seats detail
5 Votive Altar with face and garlands, whole
6 Votive Altar with face and garlands, closer view
7 Votive Altar with face and garlands, detail of face
8 Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos, distant view
9 Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos, closer view
10 Choregic Monument of Thrasyllos, detail

Set SS-312 Theaters and Bouletaria of the Greek East [16]

1 Ephesos, Theater, Hell-Roman, overview toward skene, figure in orchestra for scale
2 Ephesos, Theater, Hell-Roman, orchestra, cavea through Skene foundations
3 Bodrum/ Halicarnassus, 4th c. BC, Theater, cavea to orchestra and skene
4 Miletus, Theater, 4th c. Roman, cavea, detail seats, aisles
5 Pergamon, Theater, 3rd c.- Roman, seats, sheer slope, side view
6 Pergamon, Theater, 3rd c.- Roman, seats, detail, Temple to Dionysus behind
7 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, colonnade with Theater behind
8 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, aisle, seats and animal head sculpture
9 Pergamon, Theater, Asklepeion, Roman, detail of cavea, seats of honor
10 Priene, Hellenistic, overview from top of cavea toward orchestra and skene
11 Priene, Hellenistic, skene from cavea
12 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, side view
13 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, seats and altar
14 Priene, Hellenistic, Bouleterion, seats, altar, South niche
15 Samos, Theater, unexcavated remains, overview
16 Cyprus, Kourion, Theater, partial view cavea, orchestra, sea behind

Set SS-318 Greek and Hellenistic Theaters [25]

1 Athens, Greece, Theater of Dionysus, overview from Acropolis, 4th c.
2 Delphi, Greece, Theater, overview from NW, Temple of Apollo beyond
3 Delphi, Greece, Theater, seats, mountainside above
4 Epidauros, Greece, Theater, overview upper seats down aisle, person in orchestra for scale
5 Epidauros, Greece, Theater, partial overview orchestra and cavea from side
6 Epidauros, Greece, Theater, seats, one with back for dignitary
7 Priene, Turkey, Theater, overview from side
8 Priene, Turkey, Theater, overview, seating from orchestra with dignitary seats
9 Priene, Turkey, Theater, Dignitary Seat, carving, footrest
10 Priene, Turkey, Bouletarion, overview interior seating, altar, speakers area
11 Miletus, Turkey, Theater, overview from side
12 Miletus, Turkey, Theater, partial view, cavea seating from bottom row and orchestra
13 Aphrodisias, Turkey, Theater, overview from top
14 Aphrodisias, Turkey, Theater, partial view cavea, orchestra, skene
15 Ephesus, Turkey, Theater, side entrance with view of cavea
16 Pergamon, Turkey, Theater, overview from Acropolis
17 Pergamon, Turkey, Theater, partial view cavea and adjacent Temple of Dionysus
18 Pergamon, Turkey, Theater, middle rows of cavea seating, side view of curvature
19 Pergamon, Turkey, Asklepeion, Theater, overview with set up for performance
20 Pergamon, Turkey, Asklepeion, Theater, partial view cavea
21 Pergamon, Turkey, Asklepeion, Theater, Dignitary’s Seat with carvings
22 Thera, Santorini, Theater, Ptolemaic, overview partially excavated theater
23 Heraclea Minoa, Sicily, Theater, overview from top
24 Segesta, Sicily, Theater, overview from top
25 Agrigento, Sicily, Theater, partial view, cavea, orchestra, skene


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