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Canyonlights World Art Image Bank provides digital files and photographic prints for educators, archives, photo editors, and publishers. Offerings include slides distributed by Museum Vendors and ©Canyonlights digitized image files photographed by Dr. Susan Silberberg-Peirce for educational and research purposes. ©Canyonlights image files can be viewed and are available for purchase at www.ScholarsResource.com. Digital files of Brian Davis Architecture slides are also available from Canyonlights. A list of digital files and a spreadsheet can be emailed upon request.

Canyonlights Photography offers the fine art photographic prints of Susan Silberberg-Peirce. As art historian and photographer, she has been photographing the ancient and natural worlds. Her images, utilized in teaching and research institutions worldwide, have been published in professional books and journals. Her photographs have been exhibited and are included in public and private collections worldwide. She is available for assignments, instruction, and workshops.

Dr. Silberberg-Peirce also offers an art inventory service in conjunction with gallery manager and interior designer Trudi Horowitz. Please visit www.ArtInventoryServices.com for further information.

For usage policies, prices and ordering information, please follow this link. Please inquire about images of photographic subjects not seen on the site.

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