Set SS-60 Tarxien, c. 3000 BC [20]

1 Temple, curved outer wall and gateway
2 Temple, outer wall, gateway, stone ball, offering pit
3 Temple, view into first square court through gateway
4 Temple, main altar of square court with spiral decoration
5 Temple, copy, fragment, colossal statue of goddess, 1st apse, R side, square court
6 Temple, 1st apse, L side, square court, copies of secondary altars (some with friezes), stools
7 Temple, 1st apse, L side of square court, copies of secondary altars (one with spirals)
8 Temple, 1st apse, L side of square court, copies of secondary altars (one with sheep, ram, goat sacrificial victim frieze)
9 Temple, archaic shrine to W
10 South Temple, chapel with low benches around trilithon and inner niche
11 South Temple, gateway threshold on east side with conical rope holes
12 Second Temple, entrance passage, fire pit in center of first courtyard
13 Second Temple, detail fire pit, center of first courtyard and threshold to inner apse chambers for initiated
14 Second Temple, passage to inner apse chambers for initiated, carved stone slab, circular fireplace
15 Second Temple, deep apse with stone vessel, doorway, room to left
16 2nd Temple, deep apse with stone vessel and doorway
17 Second Temple, detail. stone vessel, H. c.1 m.
18 Area E of First Temple, foundations of priestly dwelling (?)
19 Kiln (?) E of First Temple
20 First Temple, gateway to deep apse

Set SS-61 Hagar Qim, c. 3000 BC [16]

1 Facade, S
2 Facade, SW corner
3 Facade, SE corner, curve with benches
4 Facade, S entrance main Trilithon gateway
5 Copy, 4-sided pitted limestone altar with plants, pot, projecting pillars, H.0.73 m. 1st room (A)
6 Stone doorway into recessed area
7 Shrine in middle court
8 Entrance into Room F
9 Annex C (holiest room), looking out toward dolmen through doorway
10 Offering area, depression in floor
11 Eastern apse oracular room
12 Detail eastern apse oracular room, highest monolith visible
13 Eastern apse oracular room, oracular hole
14 Northeast outer wall, secondary entrance to temple
15 View through W-E corridor axis
16 Outer NE wall shrine, niche with conical pillar and trapezoidal pitted slab, next to oracular room


Set SS-62 Mnajdra, 3rd mil. [20]

1 Overview
2 Curved facade of lower temple/solar Observatory
3 Detail, facade of lower temple/ solar observatory
4 Lower temple/ solar observatory, entrance, view, passage into temple
5 Lower temple, trilithon inner entrance, where sun hits during equinoxes and solstices
6 Lower temple, view to altar
7 Lower temple, view through trilithon from altar area
8 Lower temple, pillar niche with pitted decoration, L of main passage
9 Lower temple, doorway from second set of chambers (including oracular chamber)
10 Lower temple, oracular chamber/ apse
11 Lower temple, oracular chamber
12 Lower temple, apse across from oracular chamber
13 Offering area
14 Middle temple, facade/doorways
15 Middle temple, gateway to central passage
16 Middle temple, view to main altar and inner entrance broken trilithon
17 Middle temple, relief showing façade of megalithic temple
18 Middle temple, ellipsoidal apse behind entrance
19 Foundations of subsidiary building or third temple
20 Exterior wall detail

Set SS-63 Ggantija, Gozo, c. 3600-3200 BC [20]

1 Overview, SE facades of 2 temples
2 South temple, exterior corner
3 South temple gate with libation stone
4 South temple, central passage on axis
5 South temple, stone slabs of passage to No. apse and main altar
6 South temple, north apse, offering area-depression in stone
7 South temple, northeast apse
8 South temple, side apse with altar
9 South temple, side apse with three trilithic altars
10 South temple, side apse with fire pit
11 North temple, entrance
12 North temple, entrance portal on axis
13 North temple, central passage to apse
14 North temple, central niche with altar in apse on axis
15 North temple, detail, small raised altar in apse on axis
16 North temple, apse, large stone with circular hole for wooden post
17 North temple, apse
18 North temple, large stone with circular hole for wooden post or oracle?
19 North temple, apse
20 North temple, spherical stones (served as rollers for large stones, gaming, offerings?)

Set SS-64 Ta Hagrat, Mgarr, c. 3800-3600 BC [6]

1 Ta Hagrat, overview of earlier temple
2 Ta Hagrat, baetyl, earlier temple
3 Ta Hagrat, overview, foundations of chamber, earlier temple
4 Ta Hagrat, main building of later temple, gateway and walls, SE-NW axis
5 Ta Hagrat, later temple, trilithon gateway with steps
6 Ta Hagrat, later temple, detail, trilithon gateway, frontal view

Set SS-66 Goddess Temples on Malta and Gozo, 4th-3rd mil. [20]

1 Mnajdra, lower temple facade, offering area in foreground
2 Mnajdra, exterior lower temple with benches, monumental stone walls
3 Mnajdra, interior shrine pitted trilithon
4 Mnajdra, interior altar area
5 Mnajdra, interior oracular chamber
6 Mnajdra, apse across from oracular hole
7 Hagar Qim, detail outer wall
8 Hagar Qim, doorway, hole for wood posts?
9 Hagar Qim, doorway into shrine
10 Hagar Qim, doorway in stone
11 Hagar Qim, outer wall shrine niche
12 Ggantija, Gozo, South temple, outer wall
13 Ggantija, 3 altars-trilithic shrines
14 Ggantija, circular room, slab with hole
15 Ggantija, altars
16 Tarxien, 3rd Temple gate, benches, balls
17 Tarxien, "chapel" with stone altars- animal and spiral friezes
18 Tarxien, altar with spirals, 2 pillars
19 Tarxien, copy of colossal goddess statue, 1st apse, South Temple
20 Tarxien, middle Temple, apse with trilithon doorway and large vessel


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