Set SS-36 Palace at Knossos, Crete [25]

1. Knossos, Great Propylaea, S entrance
2. S corridor to central courtyard, Prince of the Lilies fresco
3. N entrance, customs house
4. Customs house, detail Bull relief
5. State Quarters
6. W wing, exterior view of window, hall above throne room
7. Hall above throne room with clerestory
8. West wing, hall above throne room, interior, light shaft

9. West magazine, detail of pithoi
10. West wing, stairs near throne room
11. Stairs E wing to central courtyard, W wing throne room in distance
12. East wing, frieze with shields, columns of grand staircase

13. East wing, King's Megaron, view, main hall
14. East wing, King's Megaron, from entrance colonnade
15. King's Megaron, exterior from SE
16. E wing, Queen's Megaron, Dolphin fresco
17. E wing, Queen's Megaron, Dolphin & Dancer frescos, doorway
18. S part of E wing, hall or house to SE, exterior
19. S part of E wing, hall or house to SE, interior looking out
20. NW entrance and Lustral Basin
21. Lustral Basin, interior
22. Lustral Basin, exterior rear view
23. Theatral Area
24. Drainage S end of central court
25. South House

Set SS-39 Minoan Crete [28]

1. Kato Zakros, overview of Palace from N
2. Zakros, central court, ceremonial hall to W

3. Zakros, street
4. Zakros, magazines
5. Komo, South coast, port town, overview
6. Gournia, overview from north
7. Gournia, overview from N, detail
8. Gournia, street
9. Gournia, central court toward "palace" or administrative center
10. Gournia, stopped street
11. Gournia, magazines
12. Gournia, street with houses
13. Gournia, street with rooms, view to sea
14. Phaistos, W propylaea-grand staircase from N

15. Phaistos, corridor of the magazines
16. Phaistos, pithoi in magazine
17. Phaistos, central court, view from NW
18. Phaistos, rooms W of central courtyard
19. Phaistos, pithoi of central courtyard, N wall
20. Phaistos, stairs down to offering, lustral area
21. Hagia Triada, "Villa B" overview
22. Hagia Triada, "Villa B" overview, detail
23. Malia, western court wall of palace complex

24. Malia, grand staircase
25. Malia, circular offering table
26. Malia, columnar hall
27. Malia, entrance to room with steps & walls
28. Malia, pithos

Set SS-72 Akrotiri, Santorini, Bronze Age Settlement [12]

1. Akrotiri, overview of site
2. Akrotiri, The West House, façade
3. Akrotiri, The West House, façade detail
4. Akrotiri, The West House, façade detail
5. Akrotiri, Façade of building of cut stone blocks
6. Akrotiri, Door and window of Shrine Room (?)
7. Akrotiri, Staircase
8. Akrotiri, Storeroom
9. Akrotiri, Fresco material in situ, storeroom foreground
10. Akrotiri, Pithoi
11. Akrotiri, Pithoi [2]
12. Akrotiri, "bulls horns" ­ horns of consecration


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