Set SS-34 Mycenae, Mycenaean Citadel, Greece [15]

1. Mycenae, Citadel-Acropolis, overview from S
2. Mycenae, Citadel-Acropolis, entrance, Lion Gate in distance
3. Mycenae, Lion Gate
4. Mycenae, Lion Gate relief
5. Mycenae, Grave Circle A
6. Mycenae, Grave Circle A stone circle detail
7. Mycenae, Great Ramp to Acropolis
8. Mycenae, King's Megaron, Great Court in foreground
9. Mycenae, Vista from Great Court, Treasury of Atreus, S to sea
10. Mycenae, E end
11. Mycenae, N side with structure identified as a House
12. Mycenae, E exit
13. Mycenae, North Gate
14. Mycenae, North Gate detail
15. Mycenae, Treasury of Atreus, Cyclopean doorway interior

Set SS-35 Mycenaean Citadels at Tiryns and Assini, Greece [10]

1. Tiryns, exterior circuit walls
2. Tiryns, corbeled opening, exterior circuit wall
3. Tiryns, corner, exterior circuit walls
4. Tiryns, detail of masonry + small window in exterior circuit wall
5. Tiryns, exterior, main gateway
6. Tiryns, interior main gateway
7. Tiryns, Palace, Megaron area
8. Tiryns, Palace area
9. Assini, Mycenaean Harbor
10. Assini, Citadel


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