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ANDERSON, Sophie Elaine, 1871

AYRES, Gillian Aeolus, 1987

BLACKER, Kate Geisha (sculpture), 1981

BOMBERG, D. Mount St. Hilarion and the Castle Ruins, 1948

BRETT, J. The Stonebreaker, 1857-58

BRICKDALE, Eleanor Fortescue The Little Foot Page, 1905

BROWN, F.M. The Coat of Many Colours, 1866

BROWN, F.M. Millie Smith, 1846

BROWN, F.M. Self-portrait (drawing), 1850

BROWN, F.M. Waiting: An English Fireside of 1854-5, 1855

BURNE-JONES, E.C. Sponsa de Libano (watercolour), 1891

CEZANNE, P. The Murder, about 1870

CLEVE, J. VAN The Virgin and Child with Angels, about 1523

CLOUET, J. Marguerite of Angouleme, Queen of Navarre, about 1527

COTMAN, J.S. The Shepherd on the Hill (watercolour), 1831

COURBET, G. Low Tide at Trouville, about 1865

CRANACH, L. The Nymph of the Fountain, 1534

DAGUERRE, L.J.M. Ruins of Holyrood Chapel, about 1824

DEGAS, E. Woman Ironing, about 1885

DELAROCHE, P. Napoleon Crossing the Alps, 1850

DE MORGAN, Evelyn Life and Thought Have Gone Away, 1893

FORBES, Elizabeth Blackberry Gathering, 1912

FREUD, L. Interior at Paddington, 1951

GABAIN, Ethel Diana Wynward in 'The Silent Knight', 1938

GIBSON, J. The Tinted Venus, 1851-53

GILMAN, H. Mrs. Mounter, 1916

GREENAWAY, Kate Misses (watercolour), 1879

HALL, Margaret Bernardine Fantine, 1886

HAVERS, Alice Blanchisseuses, 1880

HILLIARD, N. Queen Elizabeth I, about 1574

HOGARTH, W. David Garrick as Richard III, 1745

AFTER HOLBEIN, H. Henry VIII, about 1537

HOSMER, Harriet Puck (sculpture), about 1859

HUGHES, A. As You Like It, 1872-73

HUNT, W.H. The Eve of St Agnes, 1847-57

HUNT, W.H. The Haunt of the Gazelle (watercolour), 1854

HUNT, W.H. Portrait of Edward Lear (drawing), 1857

HUNT, W.H. The Triumph of the Innocents, 1876-87

JOHN, A. Two Jamaican Girls, 1937

KNIGHT, Laura Spring in St. John's Wood, 1933

LE BRUN, C. Atlanta and Meleager, 1658

LEIGHTON, F. Elijah in the Wilderness, 1877-78

LEIGHTON, F. Perseus and Andromeda, 1891

LESSORE, Therese Bath, 1938-43

MACGREGOR, Jessie In the Reign of Terror, 1891

MARTIN, J. The Last Man, 1849

MARTIN, Mary Cross, 1969

MARTINI, Simone Christ Discovered in the Temple, 1342

MASTER OF VIRGO INTER VIRGINES The Lamentation Over the Dead Christ, about 1486

MCEVOY, A. The Artist's Mother, 1915

MILLAIS, J.E. Isabella, 1849

MILLAIS, J.E. The Martyr of the Solway, 1871

MILLAIS, J.E. Self-portrait, 1847

MONET, C. Breaking-up of the Ice on the Seine, near Bennecourt, ca.1893

MONTAGNA, B. The Virgin and Child with a Saint, about 1490

MOORE, A.J. A Summer Night, 1890

MURILLO, B.E. Virgin and Child in Glory, about 1670

POUSSIN, N. Landscape with the Ashes of Phocion, 1648

PRIMATICCIO, F. Ulysses Winning the Archery Contest (drawing),about 1552

REMBRANDT Self Portrait as a Young Man, about 1630

REMBRANDT SCHOOL The Betrothal, about 1650

ROBERTI, Ercole Pietà, about 1484

RODIN, A. Minerva (sculpture), about 1896

ROSA, S. Landscape with Hermit, about 1665

ROSSETTI, D.G. Dante's Dream, 1869-72

RUYSDAEL, S. River Scene with a Ferry Boat, 1650

SEGANTINI, G. The Punishment of Lust, 1891

SEURAT, G. Ville d'Avray, White Houses, 1882

SICKERT, W. Bathers, Dieppe, 1902

SICKERT, W. The Old Bedford, 1895

SIGNORELLI, L. A Young Man Standing (drawing), about 1502

SPENCER, S. Villas at Cookham, about 1932

STARR, Louisa Sintram, 1873

STOKES, Marianne A Parting, 1884

STOKES, Marianne Polishing Pans, 1887

STUBBS, G. Horse Frightened by a Lion, 1770

STUBBS, G. Lincolnshire Ox, 1790

STUBBS, G. Molly Longlegs, 1762

SWYNNERTON, Annie The Sense of Sight, 1895

TURNER, J.M.W. The Ducal Palace Venice (watercolour), 1840

TURNER, J.M.W. Landscape, about 1842

TURNER, J.M.W. Linlithgow Palace, about 1807

TURNER, J.M.W. The Thames from Richmond Terrace (watercolour), 1837-38

VUILLARD, E. Madame Hessel on the Sofa, about 1900

WALKER, Ethel The Spanish Gesture, 1934

WATERHOUSE, J.W. Echo and Narcissus, 1903

WATTS, G.F. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: The Rider of the Pale Horse, ca.1878

WATTS, G.F. Hope (sketch), about 1881

WEST, B. The Death of Nelson, 1806

WILSON, R. Snowdon from Llyn Nantle, about 1765

WRIGHT, J. OF DERBY The Annual Girandola, Castel Sant Angelo, Rome, 1776

YEAMES, W.F. And When Did You Last See Your Father?, 1878

ZOFFANY, J. The Family of Sir William Young, about 1766



BONHEUR, R. Sheep and Lambs, 1886

BONINGTON, R.F. Fishing Boats in a Calm, about 1825

BROWNE, Henriette A Nun, about 1859

GAINSBOROUGH, T. Elizabeth, Viscountess Folkestone, about 1776

HUNT, W.H. The Finding of the Saviour in the Temple, 1862

TURNER, J.M.W. Schloss Rosenau, 1841

TURNER, J.M.W. The Wreck Buoy, 1849



ALMA TADEMA, L. Favourite Poet, 1888

ALMA TADEMA, L. The Tepidarium, 1881

BROWN, F.M. Cordelia's Portion (watercolour), 1866-72

BROWN, F.M. St. Ives 1635: Cromwell on his Farm, 1874

BURNE-JONES, E.C. The Annunciation, 1879

BURNE-JONES, E.C. The Beguiling of Merlin, 1872-77

BURNE-JONES, E.C. The Tree of Forgiveness, 1882

FRITH, W.P. The New Frock, 1889

HERKOMER, H. VON The Last Muster, 1875

HUNT, W.H. May Morning on Magdalen Tower, 1888-90

HUNT, W.H. The Scapegoat, 1854-56

JOPLING, Louise Home Bright, Hearth Light, 1896

LEIGHTON, F. Daphnephoria, 1874-76

LEIGHTON, F. Fatidica, 1894

LEIGHTON, F. Garden of the Hesperides, 1891-92

MILLAIS, J.E. The Black Brunswicker, 1860

MILLAIS, J.E. Lingering Autumn, 1890

MILLAIS, J.E. Spring (Apple Blossoms), 1856-59

REYNOLDS, J. Elizabeth Gunning, Duchess of Hamilton and Argyll, 1758-59

ROSSETTI, D.G. Blessed Damozel, about 1878-80

ROSSETTI, D.G. Pandora (drawing), 1878

ROSSETTI, D.G. Sibylla Palmifera, 1866-70

TENNANT, Dorothy Street Arabs at Play, 1890

TURNER, J.M.W. Dudley (watercolour), about 1832

TURNER, J.M.W. The Falls of the Clyde, about 1845

TURNER, J.M.W. Hafod (watercolour), about 1799

TURNER, J.M.W. Lancaster from the Aqueduct (watercolour), about 1825

TURNER, J.M.W. Wells Cathedral (watercolour), about 1795

VIGÉE LE BRUN, Elizabeth Lady Hamilton as a Bacchante, 1790-92

WATERHOUSE, J.W. The Decameron, 1916





QUARE, D. Spring Clock, about 1720

LIMOGES, 1200-1220 Book-cover with St John the Evangelist (enamel)

WEDGWOOD, about 1774 Creamware Cup and Saucer



ENGLISH, about 1790 Pair of Corner Cupboards

MAYHEW AND INCE The 'Bull' Commode, about 1780

ENGLISH, about 1780-1790 Cabinet (rolled paperwork)

CHIPPENDALE Commode, about 1775-1780

LINNELL, J. Commode, about 1768-1770

FUHRLOHG, C. The 'Diana' Commode, about 1772

CHIPPENDALE Rosewood Dressing Table, about 1760

ENGLISH, 1667 Scenes from the Life of Isaac (embroidered casket)

ENGLISH, about 1665 Jacob, Leah, Rachel and Laban (embroidery)

TOLE, Elizabeth Pastoral Scene (embroidery), 1741

ENGLISH, about 1665 The Story of David and Bathsheba (embroidery)



DELLA ROBBIA POTTERY, about 1900 Creation (tile panels)

DWIGHT, J. Jupiter (stoneware), about 1680

EGLIN, Philip, 1994 Venus et Amour (earthenware), 1994

ENGLISH, about 1760 Delftware Tiles

HUNT & ROSKELL Centrepiece from the Ismay Service (silver-gilt),1881-1882

KEMPE, C.E. & THE CLEWER SISTERS Altar-frontal from St. Agnes, Ullet Road, Liverpool (embroidery) (det.), ca.1890

LIVERPOOL, CHAFFERS, 1755-1760 Bust of George II (porcelain)

LIVERPOOL, HERCULANEUM,about 1810 Porcelain Vase


MORRIS, W. & CO. Cinderella (tile panel) (detail), 1863

STORR, P. after FLAXMAN, J. The Theocritus Cup (silver-gilt), 1811-12