Set SS-01 Villa Oplontis, Torre Annunziata, Italy, 1st c. BCE-AD [25] So-called Villa of Poppaea, wife of Nero

1 Exterior overview from N
2 Exterior, facade and propylon detail
3 The Great South Atrium
4 The Great South Atrium
5 Great South Atrium, fresco detail
6 Great South Atrium, fresco detail
7 Large West Hall, II style fresco
8 Small SW Courtyard, garden
9 Peristyle Courtyard, garden
10 Peristyle Courtyard, garden through colonnade
11 Peristyle, detail colonnade, frescoes
12 Peristyle, detail colonnade, frescoes
13 Portico, detail
14 Passageway with benches
15 Passageway with benches
16 Frescoed Passageway
17 Peristyle with Fountain E
18 Peristyle with Fountain E
19 Striped Frescoes in Peristyle
20 Third Style Room
21 Red Room, fresco detail
22 Fresco, detail restoration technique
23 Red Fresco, detail with bird
24 Calidarium, III style fresco
25 III Style Yellow Fresco Room near Atrium

Set SS-02 Hadrian's Villa, Tivoli, Italy, CE 118-134 [25]

1 Stoa Poikile (Painted Stoa), overview
2 Stoa Poikile, close view
3 Canopus, overview
4 Canopus, detail colonnade, sculpture
5 Canopus, detail sculpture
6 Canopus, detail colonnade, sculpture
7 Canopus, Serapaeum (dining hall)
8 Serapaeum pumpkin dome
9 Canopus, Serapaeum domed hall
10 Overview from Praetorium
11 Cryptoporticus near Praetorium
12 Pool
13 Imperial Palace
14 Imperial Palace Guest Quarters Vault
15 Piazza d'Oro, detail
16 Teatro Maritimo through entrance
17 Teatro Maritimo
18 Teatro Maritimo
19 Teatro Maritimo
20 Teatro Maritimo
21 Temple of Venus
22 Small Baths vault fresco
23 Small Baths vault fresco
24 Main Baths detail
25 Hospitaria

Set SS-03 Villa of Tiberius, Sperlongha, Italy, e.1st c. CE [15]

1 Overview of Site
2 Rooms, detail ruins
3 Rooms, detail ruins
4 Foundations adjacent to cave
5 Cave, dining area
6 Cave, dining area
7 Cave, dining area
8 Pools in front of Cave
9 Vaulted Room in Cave
10 Pool, Passageway
11 Ship of Odysseus Group 2nd c. BCE
12 Ship of Odysseus Group 2nd c. BCE
13 Helmsman of Odysseus 2nd c. BCE
14 Head of Odysseus 2nd c. BCE
15 Odysseus' Assistant 2nd c. BCE

Set SS-04 Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii, circa mid 1st c. BCE­early 1st c. CE [25]

1 Exterior
2 Peristyle, colonnade and frescoes
3 Peristyle Courtyard
4 Peristyle opening into Atrium
5 Atrium wall
6 Wooden interior double doors of Atrium
7 Atrium looking toward Peristyle
8 Folding wooden tripartite door
9 Hallway with wooden window shutters
10 II Style Vaulted Architectural Prospects
11 II Style Architectural Prospect detail
12 II Style Vaulted Room
13 II Style Room with niche
14 III Style Black Wall
15 II Style Architectural Room
16 II Style Painted Garlands and Architecture
17 II Style Painted Garlands and Architecture
18 Anteroom adjacent to Room of Mysteries
19 Shrine adjacent to Room of Mysteries
20 Anteroom to Room of Mysteries
21 Room of Mysteries overview
22 Room of Mysteries, left wall
23 Room of Mysteries, left corner
24 Room of Mysteries, back wall
25 Room of Mysteries, right corner

Set SS-05 Herculaneum, Italy, 1st c. BCE-1st c. CE [25]

1 Overview of Herculaneum
2 Overview of Herculaneum
3 Overview of House of the Deer
4 House of the Deer, interior
5 Well-Corner Dec. Maximus and Cardo IV
6 Public Baths, interior
7 Public Baths, tub
8 Women's Baths, tub
9 Women's Baths, room with marine mosaic
10 House of the Gem, peristyle
11 House of the Mosaic Atrium exterior
12 House of the Mosaic Atrium, atrium
13 Street with House of Opus Craticus
14 House of Opus Craticus, exterior
15 House of Opus Craticus, exterior
16 House of Opus Craticus, courtyard
17 Samnite House-Entrance I Style Wall Painting
18 Samnite House, Atrium detail
19 House of the Bicentenary, exterior
20 House of the Bicentenary, Atrium
21 House of the Neptune Mosaic, detail wooden partition, balcony
22 House of the Neptune Mosaic, Amphorae in wooden wine rack
23 House of the Wooden Partition, Atrium
24 House of the Wooden Partition, Atrium with wooden partition
25 House of the Wooden Partition, Garden Room

Set SS-06 Ostia, Italy, 2nd c. [20]

1 Capitoleum
2 Theater with Piazzale dei Corporatione
3 Piazzale dei Corporatione
4 Piazzale dei Corporatione, mosaic
5 Piazzale dei Corporatione, mosaic
6 Horrea Epiganthiana
7 Latrines
8 Palaestra
9 Baths of Neptune, overview
10 Baths of Neptune, marine mosaic
11 Baths of Neptune, palaestra mosaic
12 Terme dei Cisarii, floor mosaic
13 Baths of Epictetus/Buticosus, marine mosaic
14 Baths of Epictetus/Buticosus, Buticosus mosaic
15 Residential Street
16 House of Diana, facade
17 Insula di Serapis and Baths of Seven Sages, overview
18 Insula di Serapis and Baths of Seven Sages, domed room
19 Insula di Serapis and Baths of Seven Sages, domed rooms detail
20 House of Cupid and Psyche, room with marble veneer

Set SS-08 Sullan Sanctuaries: Fortuna Primagenia at Palestrina and Jupiter Anxur at Terracina, Italy, 1st. c. BCE [15]

1 Sanctuary of Fortuna Primagenia, top of stairs, overview
2 Fortuna Primagenia, stairs detail

3 Fortuna Primagenia, hemicycle
4 Fortuna Primagenia, hemicycle
5 Fortuna Primagenia, hemicycle detail
6 Fortuna Primagenia, terrace vault
7 Fortuna Primagenia, terrace with shops
8 Fortuna Primagenia, ramp
9 Fortuna Primagenia, ramp
10 Sanctuary of Jupiter Anxur, Terracina, view from sanctuary
11 Jupiter Anxur, sanctuary from below
12 Jupiter Anxur, temple site
13 Jupiter Anxur, cryptoporticus
14 Jupiter Anxur, cryptoporticus
15 Jupiter Anxur, ramp

Set SS-09 Pompeii, Italy, 1st c. BCE- 1st c. CE [25]

1 Seated Vesuvius Victim
2 Street Regio V. III
3 Street Insula 9
4 Taverna Facade Insula 9
5 Via di Lupinare
6 Via di Lupinare painted snake
7 Shop, Via d. Abbondanza, Atrium, wooden door
8 House of Forno e Mulini, mill/oven
9 Public Baths, interior stucco vault
10 Public Baths, tub in hemicycle with oculi
11 House of Paquius Proculus, Atrium with Dog mosaic
12 Atrium reconstruction, Reg. V. 2
13 House of Loreius Tiburtinus, entrance
14 House of Loreius Tiburtinus, Fountain house with frescoes
15 House of Loreius Tiburtinus, Garden room with frescoes
16 House of Loreius Tiburtinus, Garden canal and vineyard
17 House of the Vettii, Vestibule fresco of Priapus weighing his phallus
18 House of the Vettii, Atrium
19 House of the Vettii, Peristyle
20 House of the Vettii, Peristyle detail
21 House of the Vettii, Lararium
22 House of the Vettii, IV S Yellow Room with Punishment of Dirce
23 House of the Vettii, IV S Yellow Room with Telephus and Herakles
24 House of the Vettii, detail IV S red and black room with frescoes
25 House of Menander, Exedra with stucco and sacral-idyllic landscape

Set SS-17A Roman Wall Paintings in Situ, Italy [18]

1 Pentheus ripped Apart by Bacchantes, architectural prospect, House of the Vettii, Pompeii, 1st c. CE
2 Narcissus, Fountain, House of Loreius Tiburtinus, Pompeii, 1st c. CE
3 Dionysus, Ariadne, Sacrificant, Winged Demon with whip, back wall, Villa of the Mysteries, 1st c BC
4 Winged Demon with whip, Initiate, Dancer, Villa of the Mysteries
5 Sacral-Idyllic Vignettes, room corner, Reg. V. III. 2. 2, Pompeii, 1st c. CE
6 Sacral-Idyllic Vignette right side of room, corner, Reg. V. III. 2. 2
7 Sacral-Idyllic Vignette left side of room, corner, Reg. V. III. 2. 2
8 Detail, Sacral-Idyllic Vignette, Atrium, Villa of the Mysteries
9 Winged Female
with sword and shield-Victoria?, black ground, Peristyle, House of Vettii, 1st c. CE
10 Wreathed male figure with shield by altar with statue of deity, black ground, Peristyle, House of the Vettii
11 III S. Room with dancer, red ground, architectural prospects, Fullonica Stephani, Pompeii, 1st c. CE
12 III S. alcove (?) off Atrium, red ground, Fullonica Stephani
13 Painted Peristyle, red with niches, Villa of Guilia Felix, Pompeii, 1st c. CE
14 Sacral-Idyllic Vignette, blue ground, red wall, House of Aristides, Herculaneum
15 Herakles & Roma, College of the Augustales, Herculaneum, 1st c. CE
16 III S. Black Room, House of the Deer, Herculaneum, 1st c. CE
17 III-IVth S. Room, fragment upper wall, House of the Cloth, Herculaneum, 1st c CE
18 Male Figure with winged hat, staff/ snake, yellow ground, Villa, Minori, 1st c. CE?


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SS09-5 Via di Lupinare, Pompeii

SS09-17 House of the Vettii, Vestibule, fresco, Priapus weighs himself