Set SS-12 Roman Art In The Age of Augustus, Rome and Southern France [20]

1 Prima Porta Augustus, late 1st c. BC-early 1st c. AD
2 Prima Porta Augustus, cuirass detail
3 Augustus as Pontifex Maximus, via Labicana
4 Mausoleum of Augustus, c. 27 BC
5 Ara Pacis, 13-9 BC
6 Ara Pacis, S frieze, Augustus with Lictors in procession
7 Ara Pacis, S frieze, Procession of Augustus' dynasty
8 Ara Pacis, S frieze, Procession detail of Agrippa, child, and Livia
9 Ara Pacis, N frieze, Procession of senators and officials
10 Ara Pacis, Tellus Relief-Mother Italy
11 Ara Pacis, floral frieze detail
12 Ara Pacis, interior with garland
13 Forum of Augustus, Rome
14 Roman Forum with Temple of Vesta and foundations Arch of Augustus
15 Roman Forum overview with Temple of Vesta and House of Vestals
16 Maison Carree, Nimes, 3/4 view, late 1st c. BC
17 Maison Carree, Nimes, rear
18 Tropaeum Alpium, Trophy of Augustus, La Turbie, late 1st c. BC
19 Tropaeum Alpium, Trophy with Inscription
20 Tropaeum Alpium, detail of shackled provincial prisoners

Set SS-13 Roman Art, Late Republic and Imperial Rome #1, Rome, Italy [25]

1 Temple of Fortuna Virilis/Portunus, Forum Boarium, 3/4 view, 2nd c. BC
2 Temple of Fortuna Virilis/Portunus, Forum Boarium, frontal
3 Temple of Vesta, Forum Boarium
4 Temples, Largo Argentina
5 Temples, Largo Argentina
6 Sacra Via, Roman Forum
7 Basilica Julia, Roman Forum ext., 1st c. BC
8 Basilica Julia, Roman Forum interior ruins
9 Basilica Aemeila, Roman Forum
10 Temple of Vesta, Roman Forum
11 Roman Forum overview from Palatine
12 Roman Forum overview from Capitoline
13 Colosseum exterior, AD 70
14 Colosseum exterior arcades
15 Colosseum exterior arcades, detail
16 Colosseum vaulted passage
17 Colosseum interior
18 Colosseum interior overview
19 Pantheon, AD 126 , exterior
20 Pantheon interior through door, light beam through oculus
21 Pantheon dome and oculus
22 Pantheon dome, detail coffers
23 Domitian's Palace, Palatine, Domus Augustana apartments and peristyle, c. AD 81
24 Domitian's Palace, Palatine Domus Augustana peristyle detail
25 Domitian's Palace, Peristyle adjacent to Aula Regia

Set SS-14 Imperial Rome #2, Rome, Italy [25]

1 Forum Transitorium, c. AD 94
2 Forum Transitorium, frieze and projecting aedicula
3 Basilica of Trajan columns
4 Markets of Trajan exterior, early 2nd c. AD
5 Markets of Trajan exterior
6 Markets of Trajan, int. half-dome
7 Markets of Trajan interior vaulted annular corridor
8 Column of Trajan, detail, AD 117
9 Column of Trajan, detail with Victory
10 Column of Trajan, detail top half
11 Column of Marcus Aurelius, whole
12 Column of Marcus Aurelius, lower rows, after AD 180
13 Column of Marcus Aurelius, mid sections with rain god
14 Column of Marcus Aurelius, top half
15 Column Base of Antoninus Pius, Apotheosis of Antoninus and Faustina, after 161 AD, marble
16 Column Base of Antoninus Pius, Soldiers on horseback, funerary exercises
17 Column Base of Antoninus Pius, Soldiers on horseback
18 Basilica of Constantine overview, c. 300 AD
19 Basilica of Constantine, 3 vaulted rooms
20 Basilica of Constantine, detail vault with coffers
21 Colossal Head of Constantine, marble, c. 313 AD
22 Arch of Constantine, S whole, restored 1990, marble, c. 313 AD
23 Arch of Constantine, victories, restored 1990
24 Arch of Constantine, S left half, restored 1990
25 Arch of Constantine, N right largesse, restored 1990

Set SS-15 Imperial Roman Sculpture in the City of Rome [20]

1 Augustan Dynastic Procession, S frieze, Ara Pacis, 13-9 BCE
2 Dynastic Procession detail children, Ara Pacis, 1990 restoration
3 Senatorial Procession, N frieze, Ara Pacis, 1990 restoration
4 Tellus Relief and Floral Frieze, SW face, Ara Pacis, 1990 restoration
5 Floral Relief detail, Ara Pacis
6 Vestal Virgin, House of Vestals, Forum Romanum, Rome, 1st c. CE
7 Spoils of Jerusalem, Arch of Titus, after CE 81, recently cleaned, badly damaged
8 Apotheosis of Titus, Arch of Titus, after CE 81, Rome, cleaned
9 Women Weaving, Forum Transitorium, c. CE 70-98, Rome
10 Column of Trajan, Three Lower Registers detail, c. CE 117, Rome
11 Column of Trajan, Nine Upper Registers, c. CE 117, Rome, cleaned
12 Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue, Bronze, c. CE 173, Capitoline Hill, photographed while still in situ
13 Column of Marcus Aurelius lower registers, 2nd c. CE, cleaned
14 Column of Marcus Aurelius upper registers, 2nd c. CE, cleaned
15 Largesse of Marcus Aurelius & the Emperor with German prisoners, two attic panels reused, Arch of Constantine, c. CE 173 / 313
16 Panel, NE face, Arch of Septimius Severus, Forum Romanum, c. CE 203
17 Colossal Head of Constantine from Basilica of Constantine, c. CE 313
18 Colossal Hand of Constantine from Basilica of Constantine, c. CE 313
19 Arch of Constantine, S face right, c. CE 313, Rome, 1990 restoration
20 Oratio, Arch of Constantine, N face left detail, c. CE 313, 1990 restoration

Set SS-310 Roman Italy, Rome: For a, Temples, Palaces and Monuments [18]

1 Curia
2 Atrium of Vesta statues
3 Temple of Vesta and part of Forum from Palatine
4 Basilica of Maxentius
5 Temple of Castor and Pollux
6 Temple of Fortuna Virilis, 3/4 rear view, Forum Boarium
7 Temple of Vesta, Forum Boarium
8 Temple of Vesta, Forum Boarium, detail
9 Palatine from Circus Maximus
10 Palatine, Flavian Palace, detail of Domus Flavia with view to Peristyle
11 Palatine, Flavian Palace, Domus Augustana, S Peristyle with apartments
12 Palatine, Flavian Palace, Domus Augustana, S Peristyle with apartments
13 Palatine, Flavian Palace, Domus Augustana, Hippodrome
14 Forum of Julius Caesar, colonnades, detail
15 Largo Argentina, temple podium
16 Temple of Sosias near Theater of Marcellus, three columns, architrave fragment
17 Mausoleum of Augustus
18 Arch of Constantine, S face

Set SS-316 Roman Architecture and Monuments [11]

1 Roman Forum S: Sacra Via [Basilica Julia to L; Temple of Saturn S]
2 Roman Forum S: Curia 3/4 view, façade and side from NW
3 Roman Forum: House of the Vestals, pool with Vestal statues
4 Roman Forum: Temple of Vesta from House of the Vestals
5 Colosseum: detail interior seating and floor level
6 Colosseum: interior, curving aisle in seating area, upper section
7 Hadrian’s Tomb
8 Arch of Titus, Relief N Side, Triumph
9 Arch of Titus, Relief S Side, Spoils of Jerusalem
10 Palatine: Statue of Magna Mater
11 Column Base of Antoninus & Faustina, 3/4 view with Apotheosis & Calvary Parade


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