Set SS-57 Mosaics, Piazza Armerina, Roman Villa, Sicily, 4th c. CE [20]

1 Overview of Villa
2 Polygonal Courtyard
3 Small latrine, animal mosaics
4 Small latrine, animal detail
5 Domina mosaic, trapezoidal vestibule
6 Peristyle, detail floor medallions with protome of lion, other animals
7 Palaestra, quadriga race
8 Interlying Room, abstract pattern
9 Cubiculum, Rape Sabine Women
10 Room of the Four Seasons
11 Room of the Small Hunt mosaic
12 Small Hunt mosaic, closer view
13 Small Hunt, sacrifice to Diana
14 Small Hunt mosaic, falconers
15 View through doorway into Room of the Fishing Cupids, triclinium
16 Ambulatory, Great Hunt, panthers
17 Great Hunt detail, oxen
18 Great Hunt detail, soldiers
19 Room of the Ten "bikini" Girls
20 Fruit Cubicle, Cubiculum of Domina, detail medallion with wreath and figs

Set SS-19 Roman Provence, Southern France [25]

1 Tropaeum Alpium, La Turbie, Augustan, inscription and tower
2 Tropaeum Alpium, Augustan, detail of captives relief, 1st c. BCE
3 Tour Magne, Nîmes, 1st c. AD
4 Porte d'Auguste, Augustan Gate, Nîmes, 1st c. BCE
5 Amphitheater, Nîmes, 1st c. CE
6 Pont-du-Gard, Augustan, near Nîmes, 1st c. BCE
7 Maison Carrée, Augustan Temple, Nîmes
8 Maison Carrée, detail moldings & capitals, late 1st c. BCE
9 Amphitheater, Arles, 1st c. CE
10 Arch of Augustus, Glanum, St. Rémy, W face, 1st c. BCE
11 Arch of Augustus, Glanum, detail captives NW
12 Hellenistic House, Glanum
13 Monument of the Julii, Glanum
14 Monument of the Julii, Glanum, detail
15 Monument of the Julii, warrior relief detail
16 Temple of Augustus and Livia, Vienne, porch, 1st c. CE
17 Vaison-la-Romaine, Residential District, 1st c. CE
18 Vaison-la-Romaine, Commercial District
19 Vaison-la-Romaine, Theater
20 Arch of Tiberius, Orange, 1st c. CE
21 Arch of Tiberius, detail captives, east
22 Arch of Tiberius, detail armor and shields
23 Theater, Orange, exterior wall
24 Theater, Orange, Scenae Frons with statue of Augustus, 1st c.BCE-1st c CE
25 Theater, Orange, Vaulted

Set SS-45 Tharros & Nora, Roman Ports, Sardinia, 1st c. BCE- 3rd c. CE [15]

1 Tharros, near Oristano, overview
2 View, waterfront foundations/Roman temple
3 Columns of Roman Temple, Caesar
4 Overview of housing area
5 Tower of S. Giovanni, 16th-17th c. Spanish on site of Punic Temple
6 Roman House
7 Roman Thermal Building & basalt road
8 Roman Thermal Building
9 Roman Bakery, millstone
10 Roman "cupa" tomb (urn housed)
11 Nora, near Pula, column from peristyle courtyard of Roman house
12 Columns, peristyle courtyard, Roman house
13 Entrance vaulted tunnel, Roman Theater
14 Roman Theater, overview
15 Roman mosaic floor, probably from seaside house

Set SS-320 Cyprus: Kourion /Paphos Roman Houses, Mosaics & e. Christian Basilica [10]

1 Kourion, House of Eustolios, unroofed mosaics, geometric patterns
2 Kourion, House of Eustolios, unroofed mosaics, geometric, floral patterns, detail
3 Kourion, House of Eustolios, unroofed mosaics, animals, geometric patterns
| 4 Kourion, House of Eustolios, unroofed mosaics, animals, geometric patterns
5 Paphos, Villa of Theseus, mosaic, female bust in emblema, geometric patterns
6 Kourion, Roman House, late 1st-early 2nd A.D., room from exterior
7 Kourion, Roman House, late 1st-early 2nd A.D., staircase
8 Kourion, Roman House, late 1st-early 2nd A.D., doors and windows
9 Kourion, Early Christian Basilica, overview
10 Kourion, Early Christian Basilica, overview

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SS45 Nora, Columns, Peristyle Courtyard